A Happy Bohemians Inspiration

Happy Bohemians is a clothing brand that features unique and exclusively designed hand-painted /Batik fabrics. What sets us apart is our collaboration with Balinese artists, who help bring our designs to life. However, what truly inspires our brand is nature. It's where I feel most at peace, and it's what drives my creative process.

As a Happy Bohemian who has visited over 25 countries, I have seen some of the most breathtaking natural beauty that this world has to offer. Every experience that I have had, from the Moonlit rainbow I was blessed to experience in Costa Rica, to the snowcapped Himalayas, nature has always been a constant inspiration to me. I am so honored to work closely with Balinese artists to bring my ideas to life, and together we produce exclusive hand-painted /Batik fabrics that embody the spirit of adventure and free-spiritedness that is Happy Bohemians.